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Antenna Combining System


SARAS Technology Limited manufactures a state of the art multi-area diversity distribution system for radio MIC operation across multiple electromagnetically isolated areas. This system has been successfully used on many reality TV programs such as the BBC’s ‘Dragons Den' and Channel 4's ‘The F Word’.

The SAA002 UHF Multi-Area Diversity Antenna Distribution System allows the user to configure reliable Radio MIC operation where the same transmitter is moved across a number of areas, electromagnetically shielded from one another. The system combines up to four pairs of diversity antennas, located in different areas, process the combined signals and then outputs four pairs of signals to drive diversity receivers. The unit is mains powered and provides for switchable +12V DC feed on the antenna inputs to power the active antennas, if used. These 12V supplies for powering any active antennas or other in line devices are short-circuit protected by means of external fuses. The unit’s switching power supply is designed to operate properly from any AC power source 100-240V, 50/60 Hz without adjustment.

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