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Antenna Splitters and Combiners


SARAS designs and manufactures a range of broadband passive antenna splitters with power passing capability (optional) covering the frequency range 30-2500MHz. The use of antenna splitters range from simple RF signal splitting to configuring a multi channel diversity system.


For example a pair of 2-way antenna splitters allows two diversity UHF (or VHF) receivers or up to 4 non-diversity UHF (or VHF) receivers to receive signals from only two antennas. This minimizes the number of antennas required and helps prevent interference problems in installations with multiple receivers.

The antenna splitters can also be used in reverse to combine RF signals. This is especially useful when configuring a Radio MIC system operation across different areas, which are electromagnetically shielded from one another. For example a pair 2-way antenna splitters used in reverse can be used to route signals from four antennas to the inputs of a single UHF (or VHF) diversity receiver, while retaining true diversity performance. This is useful in applications where one wireless system must provide coverage in two areas.

Specification for 2-way (SLC007) and 4-way (SLC006) 

  • Operating Frequency: 30 - 930MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 4dB max (2-way), 8 dB max (4-way)
  • Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Input/ Output Return Loss:15dB min
  • Isolation between Input Ports: 20dB min
  • DC Coupled 150mA max 
  • Connectors N-Type (Female)

Specification for L-Band 4:2 Combiner/Splitter (SLC008) 

  • Operating Frequency: 900 - 2200MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 12dB max 
  • Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • VSWR:   2:1
  • Port - Port Isolation: 15dB min 18dB typ 
  • Connectors N-Type (Female)

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