"The central principles of SARAS are its customer focused service and the speed and flexibility at which it can meet a challenge." - Dr Raj Rayit, Technical Director, SARAS Technology Limited


Linear Power Amplifiers

SARAS designs and manufactures a range of linear power amplifiers used in a variety of applications including COFDM and FM video links etc. SARAS's range of Linear Power Amplifiers offer high levels of performance and reliability to microwave transmission of digitally modulated video. These amplifiers are designed to operate with Digital Modulations including COFDM, QPSK and QAM.

The amplifiers are housed in compact machined Aluminium housings and powered from a single +12V power supply.

SARAS offers customisations on all its range of Power Amplifiers, e.g. By-Pass facility, Forward Power Detection, Output Power Control etc. 

Standard amplifier units are offered with 1W and 5W COFDM power capability.


Fast Switching PA for TDD Application 15906
S Band 1W COFDM Power Amplifier 20246
L Band 1W COFDM Power Amplifier 17218

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